Making your own soap review

Miss C is very crafty and loves to make gifts for people so she has been making her own hand soap from Science 4 you using there my first spa kit.

She decided she was going to make a blue seahorse hand soap for herself to test it out and then if it worked, she will make an orange sea shell soap for her younger sister.

The instructions were very simple. We did tweak the amount of soap base needed as 20g is certainly not enough to fill up a mould. We used 6 cubes each time so we were only able to make two soaps which was fine.

A lot of the equipment came with it like the soap base, two smelly fragrances and two food colourings along with spatulas and pipettes.

The only thing Miss C commented on was the smell of the melted soap. It really stank! We had to open up the kitchen window.

You have to heat the soap base up to melt it. We used the microwave as it’s quicker then using the hob. Then really quickly once it’s all melted, you have to stir it with a spatula, add in the colouring and fragrance, mix it again and pour it into a mould before it starts setting.

After two hours the soap is formed and ready to use. Miss C’s soap has an apple fragrance to it and smells really nice.

This was brought for Miss C and I thought I would share it with you. This review is our own honest opinion of the product.

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