Crystals and how to cleanse them

I am and have been for many years, a huge crystal lover.

They are natural made energy stones that can provide much support for many ailments. I like to use mine to cleanse my house of negative energies and spirits, to help aid sleep, ease my IBS and to meditate with.

I have a nice collection that I like to use.

When you buy a crystal make sure you cleanse it, you don’t want to be bringing home someone else’s energies.

You need to programme you crystal everytime you use it. Place it in the palm of your hand and tell the crystal your purpose for wanting to use it. They are clever things but not mind readers.

I have two rose quartz crystals and a rose quartz crystal tree. I find the large chunky one on the left really good and ideal for when I am feeling uncertain and need to gather my thoughts.

Cleansing your crystal

There are various ways to cleanse your crystal depending on the type of crystal you have.

1. For the crystals that are not fragile or liable to crumble, they can be washed under running cold water while you look at the crystal and have the intention that you are washing away all the negativity and you want it energised.

2. I prefer personally to leave my hard wearing crystals in sea salt over night (especially when the moon is out) and clean off any excess salt when I put them away the following day. I do avoid sun light though as some crystals can act like focus rays and could potentially start a fire.

3. I also like to use an incense stick and allow the smoke to move around my crystals to cleanse them. I also cleanse my house using the rest of the incense stick, just to keep my home energised and pure of negativity.

4. You can also *smudge* crystals using the flame of a candle. Pass them through the light of the candle and make your intention clear that you want to cleanse them.

5. *Tip* If you have a carnelian crystal, place it with your other crystals as a carnelian is a self cleaner and will also cleanse your other crystals too.

I hope this has given you some insight into how crystals work 🙂

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