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About me

Hi i’m Rachel, a married working mum of two beautiful girls, Miss C is aged 12 years old and Miss M is aged 6 years old. Hubby is Mr B. We live in our first brought home in Surrey.

Indecisive Mum is a brand new blog (only created in 2017). I started it because I do find as a working mum juggling work and parenting, I sometimes struggle to get the balance right. I never know if I am making the right choice or no so I decided Indecisive Mum was the right name for my blog. It’s exactly who I am.

Miss C was diagnosed with Autism in 2016 and Miss M was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder in 2017. Our life is not easy by far but I love my girls dearly and wouldn’t change them. All children are unique. I also suffer from bouts of depression so I am very much interested in mindfulness and well being to help me keep me looking on the brighter side of life.

Indecisive Mum allows me to off load how I feel and write to my hearts content. I can document our highs and lows as an honest parenting blog. I also like to find the positives in life as all too often that is neglected as we are all too busy with day to day life.

My blog has allowed me to find other parents who I can relate to and understand that I am not alone in how I feel and in fact, it’s natural to have highs and lows as a parent. It’s how we deal with it that is important.

Contact me

If you would like to contact me, my email address is rach@indecisivemum.com

My Twitter handle is @indecisivemum_

My Instagram handle is @racheymum