4 tips i’ve learnt from my osteopath about back pain

I have had for many years a dodgy back. All thanks to riding naughty horses as a teenager. I have a bulging disk in my lower spine and a weak sacroiliac joint.

A few years ago I spent months going to see an osteopath to help reduce swelling and pain after I tried working in a Reception class in a primary School. The small chairs and sitting on the floor is a definate no go for me anymore, my back simply doesn’t like it.

I now work in other year groups which I find better for my back although I still get nagging pains when I over do it.

I thought things where going well until last week my back started to really hurt. I knew I needed to see my Osteopath. I had irritated the bulging disk and aggravated the sacroiliac joint around it so thankfully the joint had taken the brunt of it this time.

It seems I have not only been wearing the wrong shoes but I have also been using the wrong gym equipment.

I am no medical expert, this is what i have learnt from my Osteopath.

1.Be careful what shoes you wear

Those pretty looking flat ballerina pumps (that I often wear during the day), are no good for anyone with a bad back. There is no cushioning support on the heel so it is constantly causing impact on the lower back. I need to start wearing cushioned sole shoes with a slight wedge to reduce the impact to back when I walk.

2. Be careful what exercise you do

I am not allowed to run. That I don’t mind, I am not a runner, I have tried, I am no runner! Again it’s the impact it causes on your back even when wearing the right running shoes.┬áNo treadmill, dead lifts, squats or leg raisers either, they all put strain on my lower back. I am allowed to use cross trainer and exercise bike. I can also do yoga and zumba. I just need to be careful.

3.Treatment and pain killers

As my back is irritated and swollen I need to avoid putting more heat on my back. It will cause more swelling. I have to use cold to reduce the swelling. Frozen peas are perfect to reduce the pain! I also use Deep Freeze. It’s the opposite of deep heat.

Co-codamol and paracetamol I will use when it’s unbearable and when I don’t have my kids as it makes me very sleepy.┬áNurofen works ok normally. I don’t want to numb the pain too much where I don’t feel it otherwise I could do more damage when I start moving around thinking I’m fine!

4. Rest (with walking/moving breaks)

Simple advice but not practical with kids. I try to sit for a bit while Miss M colours in or does her arts n crafts but she’s soon wanting to go out and play. I feel bad but i’ve used the TV and her tablet to occupy her for longer period of times then I would usually allow but at the moment I don’t have much of a choice until my back is better.

Do you have any tips on how to ease pack pain?


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