4 things that made me happy # July

Goodbye July! We all need a bit of positivity in our lives right? I know I certainly do. I also know that positive things happen and I miss them in a blur of busy mum brain.

To stop missing these times I have decided to start making myself more aware of and take note of them. I am sure there are plenty but I will keep to four. One a week 🙂

  • 1.I started this blog, my place to write to my hearts content!
  • 2.The summer holidays have begun. Even though the weather hasn’t been great to start with, I still get a layin and spend much more time with my girls.
  • 3.July is my birthday month, Myself, Miss C, Miss M and Mr B celebrated with dinner in Nandos and I have my first pair of converse trainers too – go me, all trendy!

  • 4. Miss M is coming on so well with her reading! Miss C and I are book worms and to see Miss M enjoying reading too is a joy to watch and to listen to.

These are what made me happy this month. What has made you happy?

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