10 tips for bloggers block

Do you get those times when you sit down to write a post and there it is, that empty space in your mind that says i’ve nothing, i’m all out of ideas. Bloggers block is so frustrating!

That’s not the best situation to be in, especially if you have limited time like me to actually sit and write. (All you need now is a tumble weed to be blown across the photo lol!).

I have a few ideas that will help to avoid that blank space again.

1. Have a notebook and pen handy where ever you go. Sometimes I spontaneously think of an idea for a post when I’m out and need to get those ideas onto paper so I don’t forget. I know some people like to use the notes section on their phone but I prefer good old pen and paper.

2. Do you like to read books? Perhaps you can write a book review to tell the world how good the book is.

3. Have a scroll through your camera roll and see if any ideas crop up from a photo. I often have a photo ready before I write a post.

4. Write a list of things you want to learn or things you have learnt that could help others.

5. What about writing about your favourite film?

6. Have you been on a day out somewhere or a holiday? You can write about that too.

7. I don’t really use pinterest but apparently you can get some good ideas from there.

8. Have you seen something on social media that you have an opinion on? Write about it!

9. Do you enjoy arts and crafts? Could you write ideas on how to keep our little cherubs entertained?

10. Do you enjoy baking? Show us your recipes and photos for us all to try!

As you can see the list can be endless! So go on and have fun filling your head with new ideas!

Good luck!

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